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On September 26, 2010, we took part in the Boys Hope Girls Hope rebuild project with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. "Each episode features a family that has faced some sort of recent or ongoing hardship – such as a natural disaster or a family member with a life-threatening illness. The show's producers coordinate with a local construction contractor, which then coordinates with various companies in the building trades for a makeover of the family's home. This includes interior, exterior and landscaping, which is performed in seven days while the family is on vacation (paid for by the show's producers), which is documented in the episode. If the house is beyond repair, they replace it entirely. The show's producers and crew film set and perform the makeover but do not pay for it. The materials and labor are donated. Many skilled and unskilled volunteers assist in the rapid construction of the house." (Source: Wikipedia)

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"A local home builder (sometimes two builders) and community volunteers begin basic work (electrical, plumbing, roofing, and, if the house is demolished, framing a new one) while the design team begins designing the creative aspects of the house. Once the basic work is completed, the design team then will add the finishing touches. Ty selects a portion of the house to be his "secret room" (except in the case when the secret project takes place in the backyard), which no one is allowed to view prior to the final reveal. ... At the end of the week, the family returns to their home to see cheering crowds and the view of their home blocked by a bus [...]. When Ty and the family give the order- the famous, 'Bus driver, move that bus!!'- the family sees the end result of the team's efforts." (Source: Wikipedia)

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As of this writing, Boys Hope Girls Hope is the largest build Extreme Makeover has done, measuring 11,120 square feet. Our contribution was the floors of the new home. You can see a few images of the floors in progress in our gallery, and we've imported some of ABC's photos of the finished floors at the end to give you a better idea. All of the floors shown here are laminate; the work was done by four men over the course of two nights.

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"Many factors beyond a child’s control can combine to strangle his or her promise and potential and threaten that child's future. Neighborhoods shattered by crime and poverty. Families broken by economic hardship, death, and divorce. Overcrowded and underperforming schools. Boys Hope Girls Hope believes in children. We believe in their ability to overcome their circumstances. We believe in their ability to become more than they ever dreamed of becoming. And we believe that they can then go on to give hope to countless others. By providing children with arms-around care, safe homes and environments, a first-class education, opportunities to learn more about themselves and the world, and academic, financial, and spiritual support through college, Boys Hope Girls Hope empowers children to realize the potential that is within them." (Source: Boys Hope Girls Hope)

If you'd like to make a donation to Boys Hope Girls Hope, please follow this link.
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Below is a selection of pictures showing the finished floors, taken from ABC's website for Extreme Makeover. You can also see the whole episode by following this link, or see a larger selection of photos of the house by going to ABC's gallery.

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